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Tiyende Pamodzi Girls Secondary School

The GF - Goeldner Foundation is committed to the sustainable improvement of living conditions and the strengthening of girls' rights in Malawi, Africa. In doing so, we follow the principle of "Help to Self-Help".

Encouraging girl education means:

School attendance and vocational training are the basis for an independent income. However, after attending primary school, the chances of further education for girls in Malawi are greatly reduced as they have to travel to the next largest municipality to attend secondary school and stay there during the week in makeshift accommodation. Since the girls are then living without any supervision, it often results in early pregnancy, and pregnant or young mothers are not allowed to continue school. Also, families are simply not able to finance the accommodation of their children.


By building and operating a secondary school for girls we want to break this cycle, as we then also enable pregnant women and young mothers to continue attending school. We cooperate with other local foundations and institutions, especially the Nazareth Foundation.

The school has already started its operations in the beginning of March 2021. A ceremonial opening is planned for 14th January 2022 in the presence of the board of the GF Goeldner Foundation. The further expansion of the school (4th building with two classrooms, teacher accommodation, nursery school and accommodation for foreign students) is currently underway.

You can download the current project plan here:

Karte des Grundstücks der Tiyende Pamodzi Girls Secondary School
Gruppenfoto der Schülerinnen der Tiyende Pamodzi Girls Secondary School, Malawi, Mganja
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