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Taking on Sponsorship

Become a sponsor of the Deaf Children's School:



There are three schools for hearing impaired children in Malawi, Southeast Africa: Mua, Maryview and Mountainview School for the Deaf.


Almost all of these children come from very poor families or are orphans. Parents who want their children to attend one these boarding schools have to pay 18 € per quarter for boarding and lodging. Many families find it difficult or impossible to raise this amount of money. Tuition in these boarding schools is funded by the local authorities.


At the age of 6, children first go to nursery school for four years and after that to primary school for eight years. To cover the costs for boarding school and medical costs for the children, we are looking for sponsors who would like to support a class of 15 children.


800 € per year would provide for a school class for one whole year!


Hearing aids improve the development of these children and are an important prerequisite for being able to live and work independently later on in their lives. For this purpose, we are collecting second hand hearing aids in Germany, which are then individually adjusted on site. 

Donations and finances are processes by the GF Goeldner Foundation e.V. - IBAN: DE44 2105 0170 1003 0587 14 - BIC NOLADE21KIE - Purpose of payment: Deaf Children Schools, Annual school fe

You can download an information sheet here:

For further information please contact: 

Ms. Enke Cäcilie Jansson 

Mr. Prof. Dr. Günter Frank 

Sponsorship inquiry

Thank you!

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